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Disguise the Limit Brothers in Arms Redemption


In October of 2003, internationally recognized bassist Jon Pomplin began work on what was to be the follow up CD to the critically acclaimed release from Project 814 entitled "Declassified". Jon re-enlisted Todd Joos, Mark Summers and James Miller from the Project 814 sessions, and recruited veteran drummer Steve Morris to fill the percussion/drum chair. In addition to Jon's new material, Todd, Mark and James each contributed several songs to this new endeavor including Miller's passionate song "The Janitor's Song", a tribute to the common man lost on 9/11. Each members musical influences were certainly evident, but not overpowering, giving the project a unique flavor. After tracking over the course of a year, Redemption was released on 8/14/2004. The internationally praised music video for Brothers in Arms was released in October 2005. In 2007 Todd, Mark and Project 814 session drummer Albert Hurst formed a new Christian rock group "Todd Joos and the Revelators". Jon joined the band for their 2012 tour.

Project 814



Project 814 was the first solo project from Jon Pomplin which he began after leaving Sea of Monsters in late 2000 (following differences in musical direction). Combining elements of traditional classic rock with progressive tendencies and meaningful lyrics was the goal of this project. Launched in a time when the music industry superpowers appeared focused on force-feeding the public "manufactured" boy bands, "sexually enhanced" teenyboppers and the self-destructive screams of metallic rappers, Jon has created a musical journey exploring ideas about teen suicide, alcoholism, spirituality and the eternal search for love with his powerful lyrical imagery and intricate musical soundscapes. The CD runs the gambit and puts it all out on the table for the listener. In addition to Jon on bass and songwriting, the CD also featured Mark Summers on guitar, Jim Miller on keyboards, Bob Brady on drums (tracks 1-7 & 10), and Todd Joos on vocals. Also appearing were Tara Rich on drums (track 8) and Albert Hurst on drums (track 9).

Sea of Monsters


An award winning Chicago based progressive rock group, Sea of Monsters incorporated a diversity of styles and influences and extensive experience to form a fresh yet unconventional approach to rock and roll music. The familiar yet unique sound is accentuated by the expressive lyrical and musical vision. With all members writing the lyrics and music a number of distinct perspectives and subjects are explored and expressed. The CD was engineered and produced by Phil Bonnet, arguably the greatest engineer and producer to come out of the Chicago area. Phil produced hundreds of bands including The Smashing Pumpkins and Smoking Popes. Sea of Monsters features Jon Pomplin on Bass and Keys, Tim Barrett on Lead Vocals, Bill Czerny on Guitars and Vocals, Tara Rich on Drums and John DiNunzio on Guitars and Vocals. John and Tara (and occasionally Tim) now record and tour with the acclaimed Chicago based "Americana" band, Medicine Hat